Have you ever noticed that many graphic designers are also musicians? I think it has to do with creativity in general and the way you view the world. At any rate I am one of these Hybrid Wackos. With some luck I will soon have examples of my audio work available for download from this page. Until then this page will serve as my public forum for my musical tale.

Payne's Grey

Pull It DownThis is my current project. I have to say it is some of the best music I have ever made. My writing partner and guitarist Shawn O'Neill is very talented. Our new CD "Pull It Down" has been receiving enormous amounts of positive feedback and songs from it have done very well online. Check out our official site, PaynesGrey.com, or preview and purchase "Pull It Down" at CDBaby.com or the iTunes Music Store.

Big Fear

Wow, what can you say... Some of what Big Fear did was amazing! Some was not. At any rate I will need to get approval from the others that were in the band before I can build my Big Fear tribute page. I hope these guys agree to let me post some of the songs. I think a lot of people would like to hear them again.


If you used to hang out at the 500 Cafe in Dallas then there is a good chance that you saw us play. Think back, strange band with just 2 guys on stage... use to bang on hub caps... had a doll that bled from her eyes... don't remember? Oh well, If I get brave maybe I will post some songs. (Got to give a shout out to the DAV2000 Drum Machine! Hey Dave, send me an e-mail if you ever see this page.)

King Crab And The Body Lice (No Kidding)

KC& the BLs Was the very first band I was ever in. We were awful! It all started when these two guys came up to me in the mall and asked me if I wanted to be in their band. I think we played one party. I have a tape of one of our songs somewhere... so Kelly, Steve, Dave you had better send me the blackmail payments or I just might post an MP3!